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Large Handmade Afghan rug

£1,350.00 £299.00

A large handmade Afghan rug made with 100% wool of the finest quality.

Product Description

Type: Rug

Main color:

Background color: mixture color

Size: ft X ft

Condition: excellent

Made of: 100% wool

Made in: Afghanista

Delivery: free

Returning address: UK 20A Richmond Street Liverpool L11EF

UK CONTACT: 00447413402402

Email contact:  jaysugarltd@gmail.com & afghanhandmaderugs@yahoo.com

Afghanistan CONTACT: eqball market, Herat -AFGHANISTAN

And also our products are available on eBay web site

CONTACT: 07413402402



More details

  1. The type of construction: 100%handmade
  2. Kind of used: secondhand
  3. Age:4-8 years old
  4. Wool quality: The best type of wool
  5. Kind of source: natural (Animals)
  6. Color combinations: Karakul sheep in different colors
  7. They are extremely matching.
  8. There is no another 1 like it.
  9. They are mostly made for personal use and kept as an asset for rainy days.
  10. They are pick one by one by my brother who has over 40 years   experience .
  11. Always resell able for the price you get it now.
  12. At the moment they are very below retail price and the situation in Afghanistan makes them very cheap
  13. They are 100% wool and Afghan handmade.
  14. 8 – 5 times Award winning handmade products in the past 8 years all over the world and winner of 2014.
  15. Very admirable.
  16. Friendly and very welcoming and a good companion.
  17. They last long and grow better.
  18. Warm in winter and cold in summer.
  19. Dirt resistance.
  20. Environmental
  21. This list can go on and on.
  22. The price is cheap


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